List all non used notes inside a note

Dear all obsidianers,

As a historian and teacher, I use Obsidian both for my research and to design my courses. Dataview is an extremely useful tool for avoiding getting lost in a vault that is now approaching 10,000 notes, 1,500 bibliographical reference notes and a few other things.

In particular, I’m looking to use Dataview to track down notes on a subject that haven’t yet been used in a file.

Let me explain. With the increase in the number of notes (which are all atomic), writing for me consists of creating a draft in Obsidian using embed files (![[File name]]).

In this type of note I’d like to have a way of having Dataview identify notes that are not yet used in the note.

For example :

  • In the file entitled « Apples »
  • Have a table or list generated by Dataview of all the files in the Vault which contain the link to [[Apples]] in the Vault,
  • Which are not yet listed in the “Apples” file
    (To integrate them if I need it).

I’ve looked myself, but my literary skills are too meagre to do it.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you!


Something like this?

Hehe… I had a feeling that I done that query before, so you saved me looking up my own work! :smiley:

Thank you ! It seems to work. Very useful to write without missing something in the scope !

FLATTEN this.file.inlinks as inlink
WHERE file = this.file
  AND !contains(this.file.outlinks, inlink)

Merci !
Thank you !

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