[Linux] Obsidian ignores input layout, always uses US English

Steps to reproduce

Open a new note, switch to any non-default input language layout, start typing.

Expected result

Inserted characters correspond to the currently active input language layout.

Actual result

Inserted characters correspond to the US English layout.


  • Operating system: Linux (Fedora 34, KDE spin)
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.15

Additional information

I have tested this with German and Russian layouts. The OS/DE correctly indicates that the input layout has changed, all other programs (browsers, editors, terminals etc) work as expected.

I have tested both the Flatpak and the AppImage versions of Obsidian, with the same outcome.

@koala , @argentum can you repro this?

No, I can’t repro. We had a similar issue before which I couldn’t repro, but there was something Licat fixed.

Me neither. I often switch between German and English and I can’t say I’ve seen this.

I will try to repro this using different DE, and will update the topic with the results.

@argentum @koala which distro/DE are you using?

I’m on Ubuntu 18.04 using i3 and the Obsidian AppImage

I’m on Manjaro Linux with KDE Plasma. I use the AppImage.

Ok, I have repro’d this on KDE once again, and then tested with other WM/DEs: everything worked just fine under XFCE, Wayfire and Sway, using same Obsidian install (Flatpak).

I have rebooted and tested on KDE again, this time it started working. I can’t really say what it was: apparently some temporary glitch. In any case, this seems to be gone now, so please feel free to close the topic.


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