Linux: No console access, any way to sort hotkeys list by key?

Things I have tried

I tried Ctrl+Alt+I and Ctrl+Shift+I in order to access the developer console in Obsidian, but none of these works. I use Linux Mint 20.1/Cinnamon, Obsidian/AppImage 0.11.13 (installer 0.10.11).

I already tried

  • disabling all community plugins (didn’t help),
  • listing the hotkeys to find if I have overwritten Ctrl-Alt+I, but the list is so long and cannot be sorted by key.


  • Is this a known bug?

Feature Request:

Could the hotkeys list be made …

  • sortable by key (sorted by letters plus their modifier keys)?
  • sortable by key (sorted by modifier keys, letters)?
  • searchable by key (letter)?

… so the “used” hotkeys could be found more easily?

it’s Ctrl + Shift + I. I can access it. so it’s your pc problem.

Thanks for the hint. Works now (I actually used Ctrl+Shift+I for the Hotkeys++ plugin).

It would still be nice if the hotkeys list was sortable by key, in order to more easily find such problems.

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