Linux Middle Click Paste does not work 1.0.2

Thanks for your reply!
I am very happy to hear that!
And look forward with joy to the next version


@WhiteNoise Thank you for reopening the topic.
I am also excitedly looking forward to the patched version! :blush:


While completely disabling middle-click paste would be better than having obsidian constantly muck up notes, this is definitely not ideal.

I have to agree with @onkeltem, this is a core UI feature, and would definitely handicap users. Also, it seems to me that most users, that are affected, look at disabling middle-click functionality as a work around rather than a solution.

If you rework this, you should probably try to get the underlying issue sorted out instead of disabling it outright. That would mean correctly handling clicks, and for example losing editing focus on certain actions, like middle-clicking tabs or links.

But still, having it disabled is better than obsidian corrupting your notes on tab close or link opening.


Whew, ok then. Because it seemed from the beginning of the discussion that this was done on purpose to please the other part of the Linux community, which doesn’t use mmb for insertion, but wants it for closing tabs and opening links :slight_smile:



porque no los dos?


Not having to program the feature, it’s easy to say ofc, but I really don’t see why this is an either or situation


That was my initial thought as well and I would have been quite angry because that would have made Obsidian ( for me at least) quite useless. - As you said, it is a core feature of the Linux UI.
So I’ m even happier that it was only a bug and that it will be fixed in the next version. :blush:


Why don’t provide an setting option to enable middle mouse? I don’t what change my two decade mouse experience due to few users were angry.


I agree with you on that.
Of course, the ideal solution (which, as far as I understand it, is currently in progress) is that both inserting with the mouse and opening the tabs work.
But if I had to choose between the two features, I would always choose pasting, as it has been a consistent part of my workflow for years, (and of cause, because it is a consistent option between almost every Linux GUI).


UPDATE: after reading more comments, it sounds like middle click pasting will be available once they figure out the Mac bug. If this is true, ignore the below. Just know that middle-click pasting really matters to some of us Linux fans. It’s one of those core cultural distinctives for some of us.

Were those angry people paying customers? Because I am, and I’m angry that middle click paying was disabled. I WILL stop paying for obsidian if I don’t have the option to go into settings and enable it. I will never use middle click for anything obsidian. I only use it for pasting.

Here’s the original text you can disregard once you make it possible for us to do middle click pasting again:

No. Right click pasting is not a good solution. As a neovim user, ctl+v is unnatural as well.

I’m totally fine with the default for middle click to be just obsidian functions, as long as I can go into settings and change it to be paste only.


Not being able to paste with the middle click prevent people from copy/pasting from a terminal. Right now, to copy from a terminal I need to select the text, paste it in some app (firefox for example), select again, ctrl-c, and ctrl-v in Obsidian. I would consider this a bug on Linux.

I feel that, just like every single other software on Linux, Obsidian must respect the OS behavior for pasting with the middle click (as well as shift+insert shortcut).


Same problem here :sweat_smile:
I wish there was finally a bug fix for this already.


Am I not getting the thing? Maybe because I’m on wayland (and start Obsidian as Wayland client, not xwayland).
Here I’m able to middle click to paste in Obsdian, can use middle click to open stuff in new tabs, use middle click to close tabs …

So: I’m strongly against disabling it. At least keep an option for people like me who never had problems, but would miss this (like the others in this thread) very heavily.


Adding my support for this bug to be fixed, as I too have many years of linux use where this behaviour was the default. I’ll move away from Obsidian if I can’t mmb paste. Right click c&p isn’t the answer because as @hush-hush mentioned, it prevents copy/pasting from a terminal.


Is there any news about when the Bugfix will be released? The missing copy function is starting to be extremely annoying!

should be fixed in v1.1


Thank you very much! The update fixes the problem :blush:

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Still seeing this issue on Linux with v1.1.2.

This makes panning in Canvas impossible… Every time I pan the canvas with middle-click it pastes a new blank card.

Edit: space + drag works for panning so at least there is a work around

the canvas is fixed 1.1.3

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