Linux Graph Saving

Hello all!
I made the move to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS a couple of months ago. Overall I’ve been finding the flatpak version of obsidian functions perfectly! However, I’ve noticed a small difference between the Windows and Linux versions. In windows when you close obsidian if you have a graph view open it saves the locations of all the nodes, but the Linux version seems to lack that functionality. Is there any chance we can get that added/fixed on the Linux branch?

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install Flatpak obsidian.
  2. Add a graph view tab to a side panel.
  3. Drag the nodes around a bit
  4. Close obsidian
  5. Open it again

Expected result

The graph view opens as it was left

Actual result

The graph view opens as if it was newly created (nodes scattered, branches overlapping)


  • Operating system:
    Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Obsidian version:

Additional information

we never saved the location of the nodes in the graph. You remember incorrectly.

Huh, I’m no expert but I distinctly remember my friend complaining about it causing merge conflicts in his git repo (he uses it because he has a thing against OneDrive, Dropbox, obsidian sync etc), I’ll just clarify that with him to make sure I’m not imagining things/misinterpreting.
Hmm, my bad, it doesn’t save node positions, just the metadata from the graph.