LinkStowr Plugin

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share a plugin that I recently created: LinkStowr is an Obsidian plugin and Chrome extension which enables you to easily save your web bookmarks in Obsidian in a privacy friendly way. I created it because I was looking for a tool to help me easily save useful links in Obsidian along with a small note to help me search for it later or organize it with Dataview queries. Given that my needs were pretty simple I decided to build my own tool rather than use something more feature rich like Omnivore or Raindrop.

One big difference between LinkStowr and tools like Omnivore and Raindrop is that it only stores the links until they get synced to your vault (at which point they get deleted from the DB). This ensures that your vault is the only long term home for your links and notes!

You can check out the README on the GitHub repo for more info on how to get started and links to the related repos: GitHub - joelseq/obsidian-linkstowr: Effortlessly save and organize your web links in Obsidian