Links with UTF-8 characters or backticks

When generating inter-document links to other headers, if the header contains back-ticks (and possibly other characters like commas), the generated link doesn’t work, and requires manual editing.

An example header:

## Particles `~에게`, `~한테` and `~께` (to):

The generated link:

[Particles `~에게`, `~한테` and `~께` (to):](`~에게`,%20`~한테`%20and%20`~께`%20(to):slight_smile: 

Definitely the back-ticks need to be url-encoded, I’m not as sure about the brackets and commas. Regardless the generated links do not work and require editing.

no, the problem is the : a the end.

Thanks, you are right, and judging by your quick response I’m not the first person to get fooled by this.

Appreciate your help.