"Links to this page" CSS or Plugin?

Things I have tried

I searched the docs, forum, and online, and can’t find this feature

What I’m trying to do

Although the backlink panel is fine, I really like the “Links to this page” at the bottom of some published vaults (like Obsidian Help) and would love to toggle this on for my offline notes as well. Is there a link to a plugin or CSS? I can’t find it anywhere.

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Hi there! I haven’t been able to find a community plugin that directly does this, so you may want to have a look in the Feature Requests forum and if you don’t find something that matches what you want, put in a request.

The workaround plugin I’d recommend is the community plugin Dataview to recreate this.

You’ll need to put this snippet using the Dataview codeblock on the page that you’d like to show the list of links. Here’s the plugin documentation.

FROM outgoing([[Replace this with the page title]])
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In preview mode over the command palette you can turn on backlinks in document.

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