Links to images in other disc of pc

Things I have tried

I have Obsidian 1.1.19 and Win 10
I use this code to link an image: ![text](C:\folder\filename.ext)
When the image is on disk C: the image is showed, but if the image is on disk D: or E: an error is showed.
How can I do?
Sorry for my bad english
Thanks in advance

What I’m trying to do

Hi, I edited your post. When you post Markdown, surround it with backticks ` so it shows up properly.

Like this:


If you hold alt while dragging an image into Obsidian, it will make a full absolute path to the link automatically for you. You can also type out the full path by using file:///

For example:


\ backslashes can cause problems. So sometimes you have to use forward slashes. / or double backslashes \\.

And if you have spaces in your names, you need to use %20 or put your link inside <link>:

example “file name.ext”:

![text](<file:///D:/folder/file name.ext>)

(I’m on MacOS. I hope I didn’t make any typos. I can’t test these.)

Thank you very much!
I had problems to manage the filename spaces.

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