Links to headers within the same file not working in reading mode

What I’m trying to do

I have links in files that point to headers within the same file (i.e. table of contents, cross-referencing). These links only work in an editing move (live preview, source). The links are completely unresponsive in reading mode. Links to other pages work. It’s obviously not ideal to have to switch into editing mode to click on a link… defeats the purpose of read mode.

Things I have tried

I have read all the documentation on links and reading/editing modes. I have searched for various flavors of “links to headers in same file not working in reading mode” across the Googles and within the Obsidian forums.

Could you share a sample of your note so we can see the links and the headings?

Clicking on internal links in Reading view should work as expected. These are wikilinks here, e.g., [[headings-testing#lorem 4]].

CleanShot 2024-03-09 at 13.45.56

You could also try enabling Restricted mode and restarting. It could be a plugin causing the issue.

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