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I’m planning to create a ‘study diary’ in Obsidian. In each entry, I’d like to jot down what the daily lecture(s) covered. I’d also like to view the topics from the lecture(s) one day and one week ago. Please see the screenshot.

It’d be neat if Obsidian could grab the points from the previous lectures and insert them. I was thinking of using a ![[TITLE#SECTION]] kind of link, but I’d still have to insert the titles of the old diary entries manually. Is there any way to have Obsidian always link to the entry a day ago and a week ago? I have in mind something like ![[(today’s date - 1)]], but I don’t know how to express it in code.

For your information, I’m currently using the Calendar plugin and the Periodic Notes plugin for the template.

It’d be much appreciated if someone could help out. Thanks! :slight_smile:

If these will be separate notes, you can use the Templater plugin to embed the topics.

I use this template:

![<%"DD.MMMM.YYYY", -1) %>](<%"DD.MMMM.YYYY", -1) %>)
![<%"DD.MMMM.YYYY", +1) %>](<%"DD.MMMM.YYYY", +1) %>)
![<%"MMMM.YYYY") %>](<%"MMMM.YYYY") %>)

That works excellent. Thanks a lot!

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