Links not working

What I’m trying to do

First time downloaded, nothing changed in settings but after typing [[ ]] for links, it does turns purple like usualy in videos shown and even after making links by right clicking it remains the same.

It just doesn’t works.

Things I have tried

I have searched the entire forum, I found one post similar to me but pressing ctrl + E or ctrl + click doesn't works.

It stays there like a normal text message intead of a link.

Did you press Tab to indent the paragraph before typing? That would mark it as a code block and might cause links to not turn purple.

yes i did

does it mean that I should never indent the paragraph if I want to use links ??

What is the purpose of the indentation?

simply to look better and in order, like a paragraph from a book

Paragraphs in Markdown are marked by blank space between them, but you can use a CSS snippet to make the Reading View show them indented with no space between them (In editing view you might be able to indent, but the blank line has to stay). They’re a little confusing to work with, but there are people around here and on the Discord who can help.

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