Links not connecting to new page

Steps to reproduce

I open Obsidian 6.5, i create open brackets and fill in with a suggested page. hovering over the new link in preview mode seems to not connect to the page.

Expected result

a link to the previously created page.

Actual result

hovering over the link leads to a 'page doesn't exist' result.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 6.5, though page is from a much earlier build.
  • Using custom CSS: Yes.

Additional information

Video of it happening:!Ah7iCG_uriY8m6lPtTG1YTl_CG6y6w?e=ahHjuE

Thanks for the report.

Does your file "Navigating the social word contain non-breakable white spaces ?

Can you try to cancel the file tile and rename it to make sure that the black spaces it contains are actually white spaces?

Sometimes md files generated from other programs contain these weird characters.

So I had generated this file using obsidian, so I don’t expect it to have had this type of issue. Since the file was short I decided to simply copy and paste it to the new file clicking on the link produced. It seems to have fixed the problem.

It’s not really the content of the file that matters but the title should not contain these characters.

Related to: Obsidian does not handle well note titles containing non-breaking space

Ah I see. I don’t do anything fancy with my keyboard to suggest I’m adding anything besides spaces and normal characters, but interestingly unlike what the other user is suggesting, my suggested links don’t have .md in them.

perhaps you copied the title from somewhere else?

perhaps you copied the title from somewhere else?

This may be also related to this problem, when the name of the linked file is changed, it will not change in currently open markdown window

I don’t think it’s connected to that problem.