Links generated in realtime by plugins and graph view/Obsidian Publish

I am about to put together a FAQ site for common questions at work. I would like to use both Dataview (to make some automatic linking between questions and answers) and Admonition to add some visual elements that would improve the user experience.

But links that are placed within an admonition or generated on the fly by Dataview isn’t included in the graph view. To my understanding, this is because the code blocks used to create admonitions and dataviews aren’t parsed by the graph view.

In local dev, I can live with this lack of links in the graph view. But when I publish on Obsidian Publish, I would really prefer to have them.

  1. Since I haven’t any experience with Publish yet, how does it work? Is the results of Admonition and Dataview rendered into HTML code in a way that also mean that links created by the plugins are visible in the graph view?

  2. As a workaround for links in my Admonitions, I can add them in a comment block as well. That way the links are visible in the graph view. Is there a workaround like that for Dataview generated links as well?


Not that I knew of. It would have the potential danger of cluttering the database with endless amounts of dynamically-generated links, and make Obsidian sloooow very fast.

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