Links created using the "unlinked mentions" section do not comply with the settings for links


I was creating some links between different md files by using the “unlinked mentions” section of the Backlink pane.

Unfortunately, the links created to not comply with the settings I selected. I chose to deactivate the “Use Wikilinks” option, which will create markdown links instead of Wikilinks in the document (in the screenshot, this is shown with the first link). For links created using the method described above (using the backlinks pane), this does not work (shown by the second link in the screenshot).
Links are, despite the deactivated Wikilinks setting, displayed as Wikilinks.

While this sounds like a minor problem, as seen in the screenshot the links created by the backlink option resulting in Wikilinks do not read well, since the path is given and not just the document title (or alias).

Is there a solution for this problem?



Even if I uncheck the wikilinks style option (and it works with inserting or drag/drop file links), when creating a link from an unlinked mention on backlinks pane, it always create a wiki links.
I use Epsilon notes on Android, and it doesn’t recognize wilki link.
Could you please make Obsidian follow the main option in all ways of creating links ?
Thank you

Links automatically generated from the “Unlinked mentions” section via clicking “link” does not honor the setting “Use wikilinks: NO”
While wikilinks is not a standard markdown feature, this breaks compatibility.

Hmm weird. When I have this option checked and use the backlink pane it creates markdown links and when unchecked it creates Wikilinks. I’m on Windows and use obsidian version 0.11.13

will be fixed 0.12

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