Linking to an image in Devonthink

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to link to an image in my DevonThink DB so that the image shows up in my Obsidian note

I have used the following syntax ![name]((x-devonthink-item://F173B466-33C5-448E-88A0-214F6BEAD5C0)

The link is created to the image located in my DT DB but the image does not show up in the note. Is there anyway to change this behavior? many thanks for your help

I’m not sure if images from Devonthink will embed in Obsidian, but

there’s an extra ( in there. Could that be it?


I don’t use DT, but two thoughts:

  1. External links usually use file:///. Not the same with DT files?
  2. Does it work if the image has an appropriate identifying extension, such as jpg, jpeg, png, etc

Example: ![](file:///path/to/image.jpg)

On macOS, if you…

  1. start to drag a file from Finder,
  2. hover the cursor over the point in Obsidian where you want to place the file,
  3. press OPT,
  4. and then release the dragged file

… it will be added to the note as a linked file.


@vincit: No, this will not work. An item link is a URL scheme that opens a specific application and does something there.

@anon63144152 : While this seems like a logical thing to do, it should not be done with file paths in the internals of a DEVONthink database. The paths are not guaranteed to be static.

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