Linking Panes and Graph View

Things I have tried

I searched the documentation, searched this forum and googled for a solution, but could not find any.

What I’m trying to do

I have a Mac with 2 monitors attached.

On the main monitor, I want to have Obsidian open with the left sidebar (File Explorer), then 2 Panes (which I both want to compare and work on) and the right sidebar with Linked and Unlinked Mentions.

On the secondary monitor I want to have a second Obsidian window open, but only on half of the screen, where I have the Graph View or the Local Graph View open.

Clicking on a node in the Graph View, the file displayed in Pane 1 or 2 on the first monitor should change - just as I click.

What happens instead

But what happens is, that it always splits one of the two panes again, which makes them unusable for me (too small).
I have only need for the 2 sidebars and 2 panes - they should not be split again.

I cannot seem to be able to prevent this.

What I tried to configure

  • I tried to Link Panes (Graph View and one of the Panes), to no avail.
  • I tried to click in the Graph View with Shift, Control, Option and Command, also with no avail.
  • Also Pinning the Panes does not help - they still get split again.

An idea

In general, some option like “Open in Pane 1” / " Open in Pane 2" for existing Panes would be great instead of the ever-splitting “Open in New Pane”.

Honestly, who would ever want to split Panes again and again and again?!?
Most will have 2 or maybe 3 panes open - depending on display size. And those should be static, IMHO.

Let me add one thing I noticed …

It works “the other way around”:

If I click on a WikiLink in the Pane that is Linked to the Graph View in the other window, the Graph View changes!

But I need it the other way around, as the Graph View can show me more connections and relations for a better overview.

So it seems that this is not possible?

Using links from text works fine, while using links from the Graph View does not?

Then it is a bug ….

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