Linking of Words/headers in Obsidian not working in the same markdown file

What I’m trying to do

I am basically trying to replicate the same process shown in the video from Gwen of Faradey Academy at Minute 18:51

but not able to do so

Things I have tried


the above code is not working in obsidian and the cursor is stuck at the same spot.

So, please, if anyone can help me out here? that would be great.

I edited your post to put your example in a code block so the forum doesn’t render it:


Some links to have a look over:

yes. But what is the code for that? I want to link two words present in the same markdown document. It is not working in obsidian. Is this a bug? Do I need to change settings? Do I need to install any plugins?

Suppose you are reading an ebook with hundreds of pages. At the beginning of the book the all contents of the books are listed chapter wise. Now you want to read a chapter which is on page 200. So, to do it you click on the appropriate listed name or words which are there at the beginning of the book and you are taken to that chapter on the 200th page in the same book.

in my case mostly what is happening is that a new pdf is opening up instead of taking me to the 200th page of the same pdf.

You can’t link to individual words.

As mentioned in the links above, Obsidian supports [[wikilinks]] to headings (and blocks):

[[Title of destination note#H3 header target]]

but there’s nothing in the documentation for using Markdown links to headings.

You could try an example from one of the links above:

- [Pokemon Overview](#Pokemon%20Overview)
- [See Also](#See%20Also)

## Pokemon Overview

<div id="#Pokemon%20Overview"></div>

## See Also

<div id="#See%20Also"></div>

Here are two feature requests that seem similar.

Linking to a specific page in a PDF is different from linking to a heading in a note.

For PDFs, this wikilink format should work ![[my.pdf#page=20]]

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