Linking notes by mention in paragraph or hierarchy

As many work with daily notes or other style notetaking where content is written outside subject specific notes, many links between subjects and note live outside the actual note. For example I have the following notes. A [[Dailynote]], [[Apples]] and [[Healthy]].

In today’s conversation with a friend, she mentioned that apples are healthy and tasty. I jot down the note in my Daily note:

  • Friend mentions [[Apples]] are [[Healthy]] and tasty.
  • Friend mentions [[Apples]]
  • [[Healthy]]

  • Tasty

For now, there is no connection between Healthy and Apples – only if I’d copy and paste this note into either [[Apples]] or [[Healthy]], or alternatively indirectly into an atomic note [[Apples are healthy]].

I would wish that Obsidian would be able to create Links between notes if they have been mentioned either in a same paragraph, or in an ongoing hierarchy (for Bullet-Point note taking).

This would enable an insane potential of linked notes outside atomic notes in daily notes, meeting notes etc. that otherwise would have gone lost.

The current workaround is to copy and paste relevant content of daily notes and others into potentially relevant atomic or parent notes. Which is tideous and results in lots of clutter in notes where there doesn’t need to be that much content.