Linking not working with old notes using new note alias

I have just discovered that when creating a new note, the aliases that I add to that note are not recognised in previous notes linked to that alias

I have been taking lots of notes and not creating the notes I am linking to immediately, most of the thinks I link to have multiple names, so when I do create the note I have the main name and then I add all the different aliases, however I have discovered that notes that I have already written with links to the new note, but with one of the aliases used rather than the note name do not connect up. Is there a way to make all the previous notes also recognise the alias names when linking?

Things I have tried

Can you show an example?

An alias looks like this [[Note Title|My Alias Here]]

So if you only typed [[My Alias Here]], that’s not an alias, and it wouldn’t be expected to link to the alias of “Note Title”. It would link to “My Alias Here”.

Are you sure you actually linked to an “alias”, and not just to the note whose name matches the alias?

Defining an alias in a note only helps the auto-completion search and type out the full alias format.

I posted a feature request for this exact problem here:

A Link to an Alias should not be less visible than “unlinked mentions”