Linking new notes with already existing notes - workflow

This is one of two related questions I’m asking about your workflow best practices.

I’m using the example of making notes around video production. Say I have a bunch of notes on all the various aspects of the subject.

As I add a new note, or even a new entry into an already existing note, in practice how do you connect (link) this new info to already existing notes?

I use MOCs as overview pages, in this case all pages relating to video production would have the backlink Video Production MOC. Also I use tags at the end of a paragraph or statement.

But I don’t quite get how to know which other pages I can link this new piece to.

Do I do a search for related pages, so I can find pages that need to be linked to? Do I click on related #tags to see what pages show?

What procedure do you have for knowing which notes to link the new note to?

Note: I don’t use Dataview
Looking forward to hearing about your workflow!
Writing first in Daily Note, and then transferring to the specific page - Workflow - Help - Obsidian Forum

I don’t fuss about it much. The context you describe, in my system, would be a project. So I’d have a project folder containing all of the project’s files. The main project note will link to a “notes” note. I’ve recently changed to putting all of my project notes in that note, divided by headings. If that feels impractical, I’ll make a separate note and link to it (which is what I used to do for everything). Potentially that’s all the linking I do.

In the context of a project there often aren’t so many notes (or sections) that I need a lot of links. If I know I have a note (or section) about something that I mention in the text, I’ll probably link it because why not. Otherwise the main linking question, as always, is “is there something I’d like to reach quickly from here?”.

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Hmm, maybe that wasn’t such a good example then.

Following the idea that Obsidian works on less of a system with folders, and more a system of interconnected notes, I have all my notes in a single folder, and need to develop my system of interlinking. I haven’t adopted a system such as PARA or Evergreen notes.

I guess this is finding the balance of a well-functioning system and not one that overloads or drains energy.

Thanks @CawlinTeffid, this is another fab takeaway. Lol, ‘as always’ this is actually a new insight for me, maybe obvious but not if you haven’t realised it yet :smile:

I love having just the single folder for my notes, it removes one big headache, that sometimes a note could belong in two folders. It’s the matter of keeping all relevant notes interconnected so they don’t get lost :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Oh, yeah, not using folders changes things. But I guess it doesn’t change my answer to the main question, because you’re asking about what to link to after the stuff that affects has already been covered. So “Is there something I’d like to reach quickly from here?” still applies.

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You know, it’s such a simple and obvious thing, but until you’d said that, I hadn’t clicked.

It’s not the sort of phrasing you’d find in the ‘official documentation’, but it is actually just what I need to ask myself :face_with_spiral_eyes: :confounded: :+1:

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