Linking issues of moving from remnote

I've just moved from remnote to obsidian. I have a problem with how obsidian handles linking format from remnote. I'm looking for a way to fix this


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Those look like standard markdown links. Check what settings you have on your File & Links section… the other issue might be where those notes are located? My guess is that this assumes the notes are in the root folder of your vault.

Yes. they’re in the same root folder of my vault

Ok… can you give more details about what the problem is exactly?

It’s not properly linked.
As you can see in the picture is the linking in preview mode. I think it’s supposed to be link to that [[james clear]] not the markdown link

Are these links in notes you exported from RemNote? Or is this occuring when you try to create a new wikilink?

Across all the sub folders in your Vault, do you have two notes named “James Clear” in your vault?

It’s fresh from Remnote.
In Obsidian, when I use link, I have no problem. The old link from Remnote is not properly linked.
I have only only 1 note my vault named james clear.
The question is “How can I update old link from Remnote to link in Obsidian?”
I did try to set [[wikilinks]] off to use markdown link but It doesn’t work.

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Then the issue is on Remnote’s side. You could ask them to allow wikilinks in their exports. Luckily, I think a couple of plugins handle link conversion, maybe give Ozan’s image plugin (ignore the name) a try.

Those Markdown links seem to be valid. The only reason I can think of for them to be displayed like that in preview mode is if the files they link to cannot be found. There must be something going on.

Anyway, if you’re comfortable with the procedure, you could open your vault folder in VS Code and perform a batch Regex search & replace.

Search: \[.*?\]\((.*?)\.md\)
Replace: [[$1]]

:warning: If you choose to go the Regex route, please review all the replacements carefully before you apply them. They cannot be undone.

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Thank you very much. It works well now.

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