Linking files and notes

Please bare with me, as I am only just starting with Obsidian. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I am not having any issues grouping together #tags. Linking like files is the issue I am having. In the graph view, it shows all the connections to #tags that I have assigned to different notes. At one point, I thought I had it and somehow I got lost in the process. I did have several files linked, other than tags and they were showing grouped together in the graph view.

I though I needed to add a [[document]] within the note to create the link.

I am quite confused if someone could steer me in the right direction?

To make matters worse, I am also learning MD, as I have never used it before trying to make Obsidian work.


Can you take a screenshot of one of your notes with the link or maybe of your graph, so we can see what’s going on?

In general, if you add two open brackets ([[) and start typing, Obsidian will give you typeahead results of files similar to what you’re typing. Kind of like when you search in Google, it starts trying to guess what you’re looking for right away.

It does that. When I start with the [[ a list pops up and clicking on it puts it in the link as expected, however, on the link plane it shows no unlink or link and likewise in the graph, the same. Copy and pasting yields the same results. I will get a screen shot for you.


Here is the screenshot showing a connection of the Tags to these notes, but no links.

Update: If this helps? Using existing documents that I have in my archive, the ones shown in the screenshot, they will not link. If I create a new document and link to those it works. I am not sure why? I am sure I am still doing something wrong.

Update 2: I finally figured it out. It seems spaces and or the tag character in front of my filename must have been the culprit. I guess I will test and see if it is one or the other, or both and will have to rename my files accordingly.

Update 3: …and hopefully the final one. The # space in front of my file names were causing the issue. The spaces seem to be fine.