Linking existing text to existing notes with different names

I’m not sure if this is a current functionality that I don’t know how to access or if it should be a feature request. I find that I’m frequently wanting to link text to notes that already exist, but from text that’s not consistent enough from note to note to make it an alias.

e.g. I have note “Age Segregation MOC.” It has aliases “age segregation” and “age integration.” But maybe I also want to link back to it from “segregating students by age.” As far as I know, I have to create an extra space, insert the link, then cut-and-paste the existing bit of text into a display name in the link.

What I’m trying to do

What I’d like to be able to do is select that existing text, hit the double brackets, and then search for the existing note and have it insert the link with the highlighted text as the display text.


The way I know to do this is by using a |. E.g. I have a note [[apple]] and I want to insert this link into another note with the display text fruit. I write [[apple|fruit]].

You can also do this by selecting the text you want displayed, clicking [[, moving the cursor to the beginning of the text, typing a | and then selecting the link from the drop-down.

Hope this helps.


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Ahhh. Your second paragraph might be the workaround I’m looking for. It’s still not perfect, but it definitely saves steps over cutting-and-pasting every time.

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