Linking author note to a book/literature note with minimum effort

I would like to automatically generate an author note and use dataview to pull in data from a specific literature/book/article note and be populated under an “author note”. Then based on this generated list/table, linking book to author (without me linking the book note manually)

Let’s say I create a list under the author page where the specific field (author) equals to the Author name. Then a list of books/short stories or articles with links appear.

However, the graph for the author doesn’t show the links to the books (probably because the links are within a code block/dataview snippet).

Things I have tried

Manually linking each literature note to the author (this seems somewhat hacky).

Another idea is to generate a hierarchy with the breadcrumbs plugin where the “author” field is a “parent” type. With this you can create a link with the YAML metadata, but this doesn’t create link between the notes.

What I’m trying to do

Generate links between books and a specific author note (without manually linking the author) and using the YAML front matter

This doesn’t directly solve your problem, but I made a Templater script that helps make a “real” list of links from a Dataview list. You copy the dataview list, then invoke the script.

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