Linked pane based on metadata


After looking everywhere I’m surprised I can’t find a solution for having one pane with notes change based on which note I currently have active.

The end goal I’m after is a solution for having a note open in the sidebar that changes based on a metadata trigger in my currently active document.
This way I can connect a workflow document to a note and have it guide me from the sidebar every time I open that specific document.

Current solution is one out of 2:

  1. Link the associated workflow in a document and pull it to the sidebar every time I use it (and I swap very often)
  2. Swap the workflow document manually in the sidebar for every task I switch between.

+1 for this request. It is a very nice explanation of what I also was looking for.

As of now, I put workflow-checklists directly into each document. But that of course clutters the documents a lot. (It’s nice though to be able to check off, what I already did. I use that to know when I would consider a note a seedling or an evergreen, having certain steps to reach that status)

This does indeed work for some of the notes I take but I also manage my projects and research in the document and cluttering the tasks I query from that document would not be an option for me.