Link with URL ref doesn't render well on editor

Steps to reproduce

Have a link with the form [something](link#ref "a information <a link>) and past in the editor.

Expected result

entire link must be underline /take color as the default value for link.

Actual result

  • After paste URL, the link ref is on the new line and ") on another line.
  • the link appear broken in the editor (but work in preview as it should do).

    I need to delete the link in the ref to have a proper display.


  • Operating system: IOS | PC (windows 10)
  • Obsidian version:
  • Mobile : 0.0.17
  • PC : 0.12.1

Additional information

On typora, the link is directly deleted, but I think it can be possible to just escape the link (as the `"` always appear on the newline)