Link used template to notes

Use case or problem

I diving into Obsidian heavily and I’m using a vault as a base. So far it’s going good but I’m making adjustments multiple times per day and I think this will continue.
One problem I encounter is that I’m using properties heavily for every note, and my Dataview queries rely on them. In addition I have various templates for different types of notes like People, Place, Trip, Journal etc which have different properties. Often times I’m making changes where I add, remove or edit properties and their values. Afterwards I need to go back and find all notes created with a certain template and manually change the properties. This is tedious and will be difficult with an increasing amount of notes.

Proposed solution

A possible solution would be for Obsidian to remember and map a template to a note. It would be a 1:m relationship where a note has one template. The note itself wouldn’t change and is still just a markdown file but when used with Obsidian there is some kind of meta file store that keeps track of these. Changing a templates properties would then change it for all notes.

Current workaround (optional)

Best way I have found is to try and use good and consistent properties and tags so that if I change a property I can use the search or a Dataview query to show all notes that I need to manually change.

Related feature requests (optional)