Link "Unlinked Mentions" - Observe "Use Markdown links" Setting

Currently when linking an “Unlinked Mention” by using the “Link” button that appears on hover in the “Backlinks” sidebar, Obsidian uses wikilinks.

I feel that it should observe the “Use Markdown links” setting in the editor that allows the user to set Obsidian’s auto-complete behavior from wikilinks to markdown links.

In my use case, the automated linking of “Unlinked Mentions” by using the “Backlinks” sidebar is of little value, as I need them to be markdown links and so still need to manually convert them from wikilinks to markdown links.


Agreed, both on the problem and on the solution. Having to manually convert to markdown all the inserted wikilinks is rather annoying. Thanks.

This is IMO a bug.
@WhiteNoise do you agree?

Hi, sorry for the dumb question but what’s the difference between Markdown links and wikilinks?

Wikilink is the standard format that Obsidian uses [[link to note]]. Markdown are the links specified by the Markdown standard [Some text](path/to/

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Ahh I see! Thank you :smiley:

Is the problem solved? I find it’s still using Wikilinks despite that I am using MDlinks in the preference setting. (v0.11.13)

this is fixed in 0.12 available for insiders currently.

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