Link to paragraphs (blocks) needs to be updated everytime page changes it's location

Perhaps this is more appropriate for suggestions subforum, but perhaps I’m not using Obisidian properly so that why I’m asking here.

Here’s an example of what I’m trying to do:
Directory1/PageX/Paragraph ^584
Directory2/PageY/Paragraph ^968

If I link “Paragraph ^968” in PageX like this [[PageY#^968]], and if I move that block to other location, for example to PageZ, that block link needs to be updated to [[PageZ#^968]].

Is there a way to link blocks (paragraphs) without them being tied to certain location (page)?

It would help if you could provide some actual examples from your notes. What do your links look like?

Moving the note shouldn’t influence block links.

I edited my 1st post, hope I articulated it better this time. The confusion was probably that I want to move paragraphs (blocks), and not whole notes (pages).

Oh, I understand. Unfortunately, no, block reference links depend on the page they’re in—they don’t exist independently.

I think changing that would be quite technically challenging, but you are welcome to submit a feature request in the hopes that someday the devs figure out a solution!

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Any update on this?

I’m weighing in on to what productivity/learning app should I devote my time, in terms of long term building knowledge base.

No, I don’t think you’ll see this functionality change. Specifying file-independent blocks is non-trivial without more of a database in the backend.

Again, though, you can submit in #feature-requests for this.

Any update on this?