Link to block - HowTo?

Hi everyone,

I’m digging into details of linking capabilities of Obsidian.
I’m unclear on what exactly a block is. I’m referring to the Obsidian Help > Linking notes and files > Internal links

A bit down that page, you then have:

  • Link to a file
  • Link to a heading in a note
  • Link to a block in a note

More specifically, when creating a link using following format [[your new link#ˆ]] in my case, linking to a heading works, but when I try to follow the examples I have found on the www, I consistently get a “No match found”

Has something changed that I am unaware of?
Or could you point me to a good example?

My keystrokes aren’t shown here (sorry), but the steps are:

![[ → start typing the note name → use the down arrow to highlight/select the note → shift + 6 (on my keyboard to choose ^ ) → down arrow to select the block → enter.

CleanShot 2023-08-27 at 00.26.32

Does this help?

Hi Ariehen,

Thanks for putting together a GIF on such a short notice!
Unfortunately the resolution is too low for me to properly see your typing, but…

I think it works when I put an exclamation mark in front (as far as I understand correctly this means that you are “embedding” instead of linking - is that correct?)

At the same time I have tested this on my second mac and on that one, indeed it works…
(both obsidian 1.3.7, but different installer 1.3.5 (not working) and 1.2.8 (working))

I’ll try to reboot my “not working” version and see if this helps and report back.

Right. Sorry about the resolution. It looks clear in my file, but it is too far out to see what’s going on. :bowing_man:

Typing ![[ (embedding) or [[ (linking) shouldn’t matter here. It should work the same.

Hopefully a restart sorts it out.

There’s also the troubleshooting guide if restarting doesn’t fix it.

Well, a reboot does not solve the issue.
I’m not too sure where to take it from here, I’ll have a look at the troubleshooting guide.
I’ll also see if I can do more checking on other macs in the house.

Main difference I can see:

  • Working mac = running Monterey
  • not working = running Catalina

Just checked on an older Mojave machine.

  • running Mojave
  • Does not work either (Version 1.3.5 (installer 1.1.16))

I don’t think the different macOS versions will matter much here. If it works in the Sandbox vault, it’s something specific about your vault that’s causing the issue.

I guess you’re right.
I’ve opened the same file on another mac, this one is also still on Mojave.
But the obsidian version is different: 1.3.7 (installer 1.3.7)
On this machine with this macOS version and obsidian version linking to a block works as expected.

Not sure yet what to do on the Catalina non working version, as this is a machine that I work on every day, so I would like to solve it.

Will go for a walk now and then have a look at the troubleshooting guide.
Thanks for helping out!

Have been doing more checking on this issue.
To this end I have fired up a 2013 Mac Pro, running Monterey.

On that machine Obsidian had the same behaviour, meaning I was not presented with target note blocks.
Target note headers work as expected.

Have in the mean time gone through the troubleshooting guide on two misbehaving machines. Trouble is that I have this issue on two machines now , but that it is extremely difficult to really pinpoint what is going wrong.

Have done the sandbox text on both machines.
Reported only a single machine in the bug report.
Will see if I can add the 2nd machine’s properties to the bugreport later.

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