Link to Announcements post from GitHub releases 'release notes'

Use case or problem

Currently when a new release is made on I need to manually come across to and find the corresponding post.

Proposed solution

If the appropriate post was linked directly from the GitHub releases ‘release notes’, that would reduce the steps required to find these and improve UX. Even if it was just a static link to, that would be a decent improvement over the current situation.

eg. “Release notes can be found at

Current workaround (optional)

Manually finding the related release notes.

Related feature requests (optional)


You can click on release notes in settings->About.

Yup, I know how to do it from within the app. But as a developer I live within GitHub, and so get notified about new releases/etc there as part of my daily workflow. Having access to the link from the release notes/changelog from the releases page is sort of best practice in that regard.

yeah, but we use github as backend. Not as consumer facing distribution.

Yet by nature of it being a public facing backend, there are going to be technically minded users who will benefit from the change. And for the effort of adding just a single static link to the ‘announcements’ category in the generated release notes when a new version is release, it would address this category of users, while requiring almost zero dev/etc on the Obsidian team.

I’ll try to remember to add a link next time we do releases! :smiley:

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Thank you! It’s been really helpful :slight_smile:

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