Link to all your todos inside a note

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share a feature that I was looking for but I think it was underestimated: link to searches.

They come in the form of obsidian://search?vault=Your%20Vaut&query=search%20terms

Although it will look like an external link in preview mode, it is just an internal link that opens up the search tab prefilled with your query.

I use this feature to find all my todos using this search link:

[All my todos](obsidian://search?vault=YOUR_VAULT_NAME&query="%2D%20%5B%20%5D")

The query is just the encoded version of " - [ ]"

Put this link inside my Daily routine note and starting every day looking at all my todos at once!

Disclaimer: yes, this is just a nicer version of a starred search but it has more context IMHO.