Link to a non-existing note - 'ctrl' + click on it jumps to the source not create a new file

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Use case or problem

I found it a very comfortable way to link expressions (key words) in a new text using ‘link to a non-existing note’ but not with the intention to create it later but to have them as key words in the graph view.

Proposed solution

If there would be a ‘ctrl’-click option that would lead me to the file the link points at this would be great. So I do not need to create extra new files with keyword definition when this definition is given in the original file (let’s say a file that gives fundamental information for newbies to a field).

The same is true for abbreviations mentioned in a text/file.

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)

I searched with different keywords and browsed through nearly all unread articles but could not find a similar request.

I could not edit/delete the sentence you added. So how can I do this?

Let me explain a little bit more the use case.

Suppose I read either a basic article or an introduction document with a lot of definitions and abbreviations in a new field of interest. In that case, it is very convenient to link “[]” for example the abbreviation or keyword so it appears in the graph view - in a way as it looks like a ‘summary’ of this particular text. This is one bonus the graph view can give me if I use it this way.
The other benefit would be that I can for instance ‘ctrl+shift’-klick on this nonexisting entity/note/file to go ‘backlink’ to the place where the definition is in the text/document already exists. This would avoid creating a new empty file which I had to fill with the already in the document existing definition I am interested to see in this moment in a preview overlay like I see if I ‘ctrl’ hover over an existing one.

I also want to mention that I am not a tec person like you are, but understand that you want to streamline the support as much as you can in order to save resources. This means that I try as much as I can to find the right keywords/phrases for search and feature request.
In addition, I want to say that I am very happy with your app and solution which I found by chance when I updated my knowledge about knowledge management and supporting programs.

Kind regards