Link photos in Obsidian to Apples Photos App

Things I have tried

Searched this forum and the help files without finding an answer.

What I’m trying to do

Right now I have all photos in Obsidian in a seperate folder of my vault. All these photos are also stored in my (Apple) photos app. So I have them twice, one copy in the Obsidian Vault on iCloud and the original in the photos app on iCloud. It would be much smarter, if I could link to the photos in the photos app for several reasons:

  1. I wouldn’t have them stored twice in iCloud.
  2. If I update a photo in the photos app (after some photo editing for instance) it would be automatically updated in Obsidian.
  3. Because the content of the photo app is synchronised with all my other apple equipment.

Can anybody help to find a way to establish such links from Obsidian to the photos app?

Thanks in advance.

You can use links to external images. For example:

Instead of an internal link


You can use an external link


But I think the images inside Photo app in macOS are placed in a folder as a package, not as individual files in the folder X. But in iCloud I don’t know… If you find a way to get an url, you can use the format for external links.

Final notes:

  • if images inside your vault, you can change the name and automatically Obsidian update all internal links
  • if images outside your vault, any change in the path breaks the link

@mnvwvnm: Thanks for your input but I know how to link to internal and external files (photos). What I don’t know and hope to get helped with, is to get the path to photos in the photos app that I can use in Obsidian. Sorry, if I couldn’t describe my problem clear enough in the initial post.

As I said, I think the images inside Photo app are in a package. Check Photo>settings and see you library location.
If in package, I think there’s no way to access files by links, because they’re protected.
I don’t use iCloud to photos… but ins’t possible to share photos via iCloud link in a stable way? (something like links to files in google drive)

Ok, will do. However, the best and easiest way would be if Obsidian could be added to the Apple share menu.

Thanks again for your help.

Obsidian is an Electron app, not a native app. Because that any integration with macOS will be difficult.

OK, thanks for this additional info.

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