Link PDFs to PDFs : Bibliography search

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Use case or problem

I’m doing bibliography and some PDF in my database reference each others. I would like to see those links or to be able to link them together to have a better vision about the connection between all my database.

Proposed solution

Extension of the [[]] to link pdfs to pdfs or like a merge.

Current workaround (optional)

I did a note where i put all my bibliography for a subject and for exemple i do :
1- biblio 1
1 - blabla note on biblio 1
2 - [[biblio 2]] that is called in biblio 1.

Related feature requests (optional)

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+1 !!!

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I will try to create a plugin that does this. I don’t have experience in Javascript or the creation of plugins but if someone wants to help me I could give him my contact.

I think it would be usefull for some of us.

I will keep you updated !


Not sure, if my request is the same like u would like to have.
But for me it would be so nice, if I could add [[Wikilinks]] to the PDF files in my Vault.

For example: I got a PDF. And in this PDF is talk about a Person A and a Person B. For both Persons I got a note in my vault. Now I would like to link the PDF file (ideally with pagenumber) to this notes. It would be so great, if I could see the links in the PDF and it would be even better, if all mentions in the PDF would link to the Notes.

For your solution, if you want to specify a page you can !

Type [[File#page=page you want]]. So in your note you can link the pdf page to it.

To have all mentions I think for now it will be difficult as there is no proper pdf reading in obsidian (no search in pdf available). Maybe it will handle it more easily in the future.

PS : I am currently working on a plugin for my solution. It will be my first and I will try to do it with OpenAI Chat GPT3 as I don’t know javascript. If anybody wants to help me, please send me a message, maybe we can build it together.

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