Link PDFs to PDFs : Bibliography search

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Use case or problem

I’m doing bibliography and some PDF in my database reference each others. I would like to see those links or to be able to link them together to have a better vision about the connection between all my database.

Proposed solution

Extension of the [[]] to link pdfs to pdfs or like a merge.

Current workaround (optional)

I did a note where i put all my bibliography for a subject and for exemple i do :
1- biblio 1
1 - blabla note on biblio 1
2 - [[biblio 2]] that is called in biblio 1.

Related feature requests (optional)

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+1 !!!

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I will try to create a plugin that does this. I don’t have experience in Javascript or the creation of plugins but if someone wants to help me I could give him my contact.

I think it would be usefull for some of us.

I will keep you updated !


Not sure, if my request is the same like u would like to have.
But for me it would be so nice, if I could add [[Wikilinks]] to the PDF files in my Vault.

For example: I got a PDF. And in this PDF is talk about a Person A and a Person B. For both Persons I got a note in my vault. Now I would like to link the PDF file (ideally with pagenumber) to this notes. It would be so great, if I could see the links in the PDF and it would be even better, if all mentions in the PDF would link to the Notes.