LINK PARADISE: Automatic TOC per note + anchors + external docs

I have been successful at creating an anchor on my current page using [[#
That’s great!

Now, how can we:

1 - have a TOC being automatically generated and displayed at the top of the Note I’m working on?

2 - link to a specific heading of another note using an anchor?

3 - link to external documents on one’s local drive? Or on a Dropboox?

1- You can use the Outline Core plugin which will create an outline/TOC-style pane of the current note’s headings. It won’t be appearing in the note itself though. There is a TOC community plugin but it only generates one-time and doesn’t auto-update like the Outline plugin.

2- using [[## will bring up all headings in the vault

3- I’m not familiar with this area sorry :sweat_smile:


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