Link note to pdf in Devonthink

Things I have tried

I must be misunderstanding where to take the parts of the External links from Devonthink3. Please correct me. The images reflect what I think are the “name” and “path” that I am copying into my external link to DevonThink.

Clicking on this link in Obsidian does not bring me to Devonthink. Nothing happens. The Devonthink database is open.

This is where I am taking my name and path above from.

What I’m trying to do

You have to copy the item link of the item in DEVONthink, not the filepath.

Right click → copy item link. It looks like x-devonthink-item://some-random-characters.

Note that other issues with using DEVONthink are best addressed to their support forum.

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Thank you. Next time, I will use their forum.

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