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Hi guys! As a newbie on Obsidian and more or less md, I struggle about several actions, when writing text.
I, for example, would like to write a text and link to another file or header or block. I understand how to do that, but I prefer for the text flow, not to insert the [[filename]] but link from a specific word to this page.

Instead of: Further information can be found on the page [[moreinfopage]], I would like to have the abibility to link like that: More information can be found here.
I know how thois works with external links but with links to pages?

Any suggestions please?


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Hey Peter!

I’ll be addressing what you said here

In order to achieve something like that you need to use
[[double brackets]] since they are the syntax needed to create links

you could play with URI but in my opinion that complicates things too much

you could do something like this

if you want to see exactly the “found here”

More information can be found [[link to note | here]]

That way in obsidian’s preview mode you would see the word here displaying, instead of [[link to note]]

Hope that helps, not sure if that’s exactly what you needed, just be aware that this is the simplest solution. There are more advanced things that you could do with custom css and URI if you are willing to go down that rabbit hole.

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Dear Santi!

Thanks for your quick response. The solution is that what I was looking for, as I would like to keep it as simple as possible. The [[ and the | are doing the magic Badabum :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot and best regards from Vienna!


happy to help Peter!

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