Link name for embedded notes is not shown

Steps to reproduce

Basically the title. Embedded notes are always shown by their filename in preview mode, even if some other title is desired (both in md and wiki style):

![[Recurring Checklist|The Daily Churn]]

![The Daily Churn](

I consider this a feature request.

I’m having the above backlinking phenomenon occur when trying to Backlink to an existing Note…

PS. New to Obsidian. Win10 install. I’m on v0.8.15

What I’m doing:
Typing [[
“Note Name”,
The suggested link appears,
I’m mouse-clicking, or arrow key, selecting the suggested Backlink, but then my backlink appears in this format, and is not auto-created properly:
[Climate Change](Climate%20Change)

I’m expecting the link to be create, ie. [[Climate Change]]
Am I doing something wrong?