Link lines have disappeared

Things I have tried.

I have brought up the line thickness…I can see the arrows…I used to be able to see the lines

What I’m trying to do

What line? Underlines? What links? External or internal links?
You use default theme?

Thanks for your reply… I am very new to Obsidian… They were link lines I’m not sure whether they were in turtle River external… But looking at other forum entries I tried reloading obsidian and that seem to work… again Thank you very much
How can I take this off of the form now…?

Sorry about the turtle River… But that’s what the voice typing printed for internal for some reason

I checked off solution… So I think that will take the question off within a day thanks again

There’s some themes that remove the underlines in internal and/or external links. But with default theme the lines remains in both cases. (in external links you also see the arrows on the right)

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