[[Link]] is showing file path - Compatibility with Logseq

What’s the problem

Hey, I’m having troubles figuring out what’s causing this issue.

I use my Logseq together with Obsidian, but some of the [[links]] are showing the full path instead of just the name of the file.

Expected behaviour


Current Behaviour


Folder structure

I’m using the folder structure of Logseq since it uses local .md files.

I’m using the same .md files accross Logseq and Obsidian.

This is the folder structure I have in my Obsidian vault (It’s structured this way since that’s how Logseq organizes files)

├─ journals/
│  ├─ 2021_05_20.md
├─ pages/
│  ├─ note-example.md


I have an issue where if I’m on a daily note and I link to example note

instead of showing this:


it shows the full path. Like this:



Obsidian screenshot

This is not compatible with logseq

Settings Attempts to solve this

I’ve tried all the setting in here, but it didn’t solve the issue

none of this solve it

Not sure why this happens

Strangely enough, it doesn’t happen every time. Sometimes this full path, is displayed and sometimes it’s not displayed.

I’m by default using “Shortest path when possible” but still this problem happens at random. I’m not sure why.

Are there discussions or info on this?

I couldn’t find anything about this discussed, but I might be wrong, so feel free to point me in the right direction if this has been covered before.


The “when possible” typically means “if the app can be sure the file has a unique filename.” Is there a chance you have duplicate filenames across the folders visible to your Vault in these instances?

How does Logseq deal with duplicate files?


Wow I can’t believe I missed that. I had an old duplicated some where in my vault that I wasn’t aware existed.

That was the problem, I had some duplicated notes, and that’s why I thought it was an strange behavior that happens at random.

Happy to know it was a simple mistake on my side.

Thanks a lot @ryanjamurphy appreciate the help man!

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