Link footnotes don't recognized

Steps to reproduce

I’ve inserted regular footnotes markup: [^1] [^2] and so no

Expected result

A long list of footnotes (about 1000)

Actual result

First footnotes (5-6 more or less, it depends from every file) work out properly, but the others don’t appear like footnotes but like simple text of the last footnote. It seems to me that Obsidian doesn’t recognize following footnotes.
I tried to locate a possible conflict but it seems to me it is common word (without special keys). Perhaps is there a max number of characters?


  • Operating system: Mac Os Big Sur 11.1

  • Obsidian version: 0.10.1

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The format that we use for footnotes is included in the help vault and here.

If it doesn’t work, open a new bug report with a specific and reproduceble example.