Link between articles to a strictly defined place in the text

Just last week I discovered Roam software
Actually, all its meaning is in linking text
I Highlight any word in the article [[- and the magic happens
Roam shows me on a separate tab ALL similar words in ALL articles that I have - and I attach the highlighted word to a specific word in any other article

I wanted to find an alternative to Roam
and apparently Obsidian is the closest alternative
But I still don’t understand how the link system works.
I will explain by example:
I have the word Russian in the article)
I want to make a link from this word to the same word in another article- where the word Russian is contained three times
for example
1.Russian funny guys
2. They are Russians, not a truck, and that’s bad
3. It’s just that they, these Russians have a hard life

Is it possible to somehow make a link from the word Russian in the first article not to the second article as a whole, namely to the third link in the second article?
If possible, please tell me how to do this.
Now I:

  1. I highlight the word [[
  2. the program tells me a list of articles where this word occurs (I DO NOT CHECK thoroughly, I uploaded two identical articles and the program shows me a list of two articles - maybe I MUST ALWAYS KNOW WHERE THESE SUCH WORDS ??? (and then this function certainly doesn’t what you need)
  3. I choose one of the articles to which I want to attach a word
  4. I press ctlr and click on the second article

but I don’t understand at least kill how exactly should I choose WHERE to link the link to, which of the three words?

in case developers ask my opinion))) - I would like ideally- the article I want to refer to opened in an adjacent window- and I could manually put a link to the desired fragment)

  1. I highlight the word [[
  2. the program tells me in which other articles such words appear
  3. I select the article I need
  4. the selected article opens in an adjacent window
  5. I click on the word I need
  6. the program creates an automatic link

First of all, I need this kind of functionality for the site — I have many articles, and of course it’s great if I’m from any old article (the text of which I certainly don’t remember for a long time) - I can create a link to the text in the new article (so that search engines index the new one faster article, and for readers)
But I think- similar VISUAL functionality would be useful to everyone

I still assume that this functionality is not yet implemented)))
If he is, just tell me about it please))

No, you cannot create links between specific words in notes the way you’re describing. You could create pseudo-block references for a workaround, however:

What you’re describing is likely technically impossible (or may as well be) in a markdown-based app. The files you’re working with are plain text, so there’s no way to add and detect metadata on a specific word without adding plaintext unique identifiers next to it, or something, which would get quite tedious and ugly.