Link autocomplete order : aliases should show up below real notes names

Steps to reproduce

  • Have a note in your vault using an alias, let’s say with alias : “alias”
  • Have another note in your vault with filename identical as that alias, let’s say

Expected result

When typing [[alias… I expect to see in the proposals :

  1. First the note that has the “real” alias name, aka
  2. Secondly only the note that has an alias name, “alias”

Actual result

Proposals are the other way around


  • Operating system: Mac OS 12.6

Additional information

If it’s only one or two notes with the same alias, it’s still manageable.
But when it starts to be more, it gets hard as the real note I actually want to link is not even visible in the first proposals.

Demo alias

Disclaimer : I fully understand that I’m in a specific case where I use aliases a bit too extensively (i.e. same alias for more than one note). If my usecase is not assumed to be a bug, we could call it a feature request, for example to have a setting to control in what order autocomplete proposals will show up

And I didn’t want to file two bug reports as both cases are very much linked, but you’ll see in the above .gif that even some notes that don’t have “Jn 1” in their name or alias, such as 1 will show up before Jn !

Your use case is way too specific/niche. I don’t consider this a bug. The Path also plays a role in the ranking.