Link autocomplete not working as expected on Linux

I’m encountering an odd bug in the Linux version of the app (but not the MacOS version): link auto-lookup is now requiring whitespace characters to be included in the pattern.

The old, expected behavior (on Linux) was that I would type in “[[pathopfunc” and then be prompted with a list of candidates including the desired target, my note titled “path operation function.”

This held for me up until yesterday, with an AppImage from installer v0.13.19. But, with v0.14.5 running, I found I had to type in “[[path op” or something similar, e.g. “[[path eration” or “[[path op fun” – with the whitespaces in their correct locations relative to other characters in the sequence – to get “path operation function” to come up. (The old prompt “[[pathopf” would not return it.)

The old, correct behavior persists on my MacOS installation (which is v0.14.5), but the new, incorrect behavior persists on my Linux machine (with an update to the beta of v0.14.6, and also a new installer version for the AppImage, v0.14.2, and also post-reboot). I’m not aware of having done anything to occasion the change in behavior.

Could this be a problem with my Linux environment, or perhaps something going awry with the Linux AppImage?

GIF of the behavior can be found below

Im on Linux with the same version, it was working fine for me last night ~the same time you posted this. I wonder what the difference is?

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