Link and connexion amount differenciation

Use case or problem

When I look at the graph view of my vault I always find lacking the fact that even if a zone has a lot of interconnection, every connection shows mostly the same. That was a case in which I wasn’t really bothered by that, but right now, as I’m making a vault about a book, I’ve found myself wanting to see in the graph view, more linked or more interconnected notes, have a stronger interation than say, those only connected by one link. It would make the relationship between some notes, if it’s very pronounced or otherwise, much more obvious.

Proposed solution

An option or addon to allow this strengthening of the linking force based on the number of links connecting (With a bunch of options this could be used to modify the interation force between “siblin” (same level) notes with the “parent” one and so on)

Current workaround (optional)

None as far as I’ve managed

Related feature requests (optional)

More options in linking tipes, relationships and/or visualization of all of this.

To clarify, you’re requesting thicker connection lines in graph-view depending on how many outlinks and backlinks there are?

Either visual thickness, closeness by the linking force being greater between those files linked more than once (backlinked or even just referenced multiple times), or even both as options I’d say could be good.