Line spaces in preview mode

Things I have tried

Hello I am looking for a way to put line spacing in obsidian in the editor mode so they will show up in preview mode. Carriage return does not put in spaces between topics in the preview mode. I have seen a few solutions however I thought I would ask to see what is the best way so that when you preview something that you will be speaking on that it is not just not one line after another which is hard to remember where you are at without any spaces. I hope you understand what I’m saying. Thank you for your help.

What I’m trying to do

Are you using one paragraph return or two?

Markdown treats one return as a line break only and two returns as a paragraph (block) break.


I am using one carriage return. Thank you for the info if two carriage returns will give me space on their preview that’s exactly what I’m looking for thank you so much!

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