Line Divider Parsed as Table Bug

Steps to reproduce


(no paragraph break, just line break between “Test” and “—”, three hyphens.)

Converts “Test” to a header 2




(followed by paragraph break)

Does not change “Test” formatting.

And, text formatting is not changed when under “—”, with or without paragraph break between “—” and text.

Expected result


to preserve original formatting of “Test” and not convert it to header 2


macOS 12.3.1
Obsidian 14.5 (but true as long as I’ve been using Obsidian)

Additional information

No other MD editor I use does this. All keep “Test” formatting as originally entered and don’t convert to header 2.

Is this because Obsidian is parsing this as the beginning of a table?

are you talking of this

Speaking of formatting, this forum formats 3 dashes (which I assume you typed) as an em-dash.

If you want to show the actual input you are using, surround it with triple backticks. ```

For example:


And then we can see what you are actually inputting.

Otherwise yeah, this is expected Markdown syntax. It turns it to a header. Your other Markdown editors might have just chosen to not implement that syntax. This forum does:


@WhiteNoise @rigmarole Thanks for your patience. Use it or lose it: I never use that header syntax and simply forgot about it, hence I didn’t think to check a syntax guide. This was further reinforced since my other text editor doesn’t implement this.

@rigmarole your assumptions were correct --- so I’ll use this formatting going forward. Formatting related, paragraph breaks never render properly for me in preview mode, regardless of theme, workarounds, etc. And, conversely, I never need to force a line break with syntax to, well, see a line break in preview. I’ll post this, however, properly for help.

Thanks again.

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