Line around tabs in light mode has inconsistent thickness at 175% scaling

As you can see, with Obsidian in light mode and Windows set to 175% scaling, the line going around the tab gets thicker on the sides than on the top and either side of the tab.

Screenshot 2024-03-09 104724

I can see what you mean in your screenshot. What OS are you using?

I think this probably depends on your display, pixel smoothing, and/or anti-aliasing settings in your OS. Does it change depending on the zoom level? ie. Does it appear consistent at 200%?

Did you test this in the Sandbox vault to eliminate any theme issues?

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I’m using Windows.

It does change depending on the zoom level.

It appears consistent at 200%, 150% and 125%, but not 175%.

I’ve tested it in the sandbox vault and the same issue occurs.